about me

Already as a child I was walking around with a cheap cassette recorder trying stuff out, then becoming a little older, the cheap one got replaced to one of those very fancy Uher portables. I would take it outside on the street and make interviews with strangers about whatever topic came into my head. Then a little older again around 18 years old, I became more serious playing my instruments, first drums, then trumpet followed by trombone. Inevitably those passions had to merge somehow, and voilà, the idea of a sound studio was born. First I started with a simple 4 track, then came a Tascam 8 track and of course the 19-inch racks with all sort of midi stuff. I had this sound studio for a longtime in Amsterdam, it served me well to record pop bands, small orchestras and my favorite do sound design for theater, television and video. And now many years later after having other occupations like design and 3D modelling I came back to movie making again and even more so to sound design and recording.


  • Davinci Resolve studio for video (sometimes for audio)
  • Studio one, Reaper, Soundparticles and Izotope products for sound design
  • Cinema 4D and 3Dcoat for 3D stuff