Our latest experiments are on this page, they might one day pop up in a project.

This is a 3D viewer, drag with your left mouse button around the model, use the scroll wheel for zooming in and out and the right muisbutton to pan.


It’s realy fun to play with Marvelous Designer3. Although I have no prior experience to this version, it has been rumoured that some functionality has disappeared in this version, a lot has been moved also.
Besides all that, it became clear to me in the time that I’ve been using it, that this is a really robust software. A lot of thought went into it and until now it seems really stable. Only in the Beta period there were quite some crashes, but now in this official release none of that actually happened. So what remain is a program thats giving me a lot of fun, and hopefully I will soon be able to create some sweet images with it.

Click images for a larger one.


Kurulumun is Python driven Cinema 4D plugin that generates curly splines. Its kindly provided by Just some standard C4D materials on it for rendering, the moving and pulsating light are in a mograph cloner and driven by expresso.

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